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TomTom USA Canada Mexico v1.15.1 All iDevices-P2P

TomTom USA Canada Mexico v1.15.1 All iDevices-P2P | 3.17 GB
Genre: Appz / Platform: Android

World-class TomTom navigation, on your iPhone or iPad/iPod.

* FREE Daily Map Changes from the Map Share community. Includes dynamic changes like new speed
limits and blocked roads. Some things change overnight and can delay your journey. Map Share
helps you deal with the more frequent road changes. Avoid detours and get to your destination
even faster.

* Navigate to contacts, photos or copied addresses, Never memorize an address again. Choose one
from your contacts list, tagged photos, or copy?paste an address from a website and the TomTom
app will plan your route so you can drive straight there. Everything you need is on your
smartphone: driving to friends' and other locations has never been so easy.

* Departure reminder, Arrive on time. Plan your upcoming trips and add them to your calendar.
Your iPhone or iPad will give you departure reminders so you'll be aware of when you need to leave.

* Works with Apple maps, When you find a place to visit using the Apple Maps app, TomTom can guide
you there. Simply select TomTom as the routing app and enjoy world-class car navigation (requires iOS6).

* Facebook and foursquare Places search, Your TomTom app makes navigation more social. Search among
thousands of Facebook or foursquare places, and get navigation directly to the place of your choice.
You can also drive to the restaurant your Facebook friends have just checked into, or plan a route
to an event you want to attend. You and your friends can inform, and join, each other?anytime, anywhere.

* Share your destination via email, Facebook or Twitter, Share your destination and arrival time with
Twitter, Facebook, email and SMS text ? all through the TomTom App. Keep friends, family and 'followers'
up to date with your plans.

* Help Me! emergency menu, You can find help with local emergency service information at your fingertips.
From hospitals to roadside assistance, this information will be useful in any area.

* Universal app, Universal usage means you only have to pay for the app once?and use it on both your
iPhone and iPad. Enjoy sharp, rich graphics on the iPhone's Retina display, or full-screen navigation
on the iPad?where you can see the driving screen and Advanced Lane Guidance simultaneously.

* Settings Backup and Restore, You might misplace your keys, but you never have to lose your app
settings again. This feature saves your settings and stored destinations on the iCloud, via 3G or
Wi-Fi. When you push the app to the background, it will automatically back itself up once a day.

* Music & Audio control, You like to be heard: so does your TomTom app. When you're playing music on your
iPhone, the app will fade out the volume to give you voice instructions, then fade the music back up
when it's done. It also allows you to control the music that's playing on your iPhone (play/pause/skip)
without switching to another app, via its built-in controls. You can even use the app to switch to a
more powerful audio system, like the speaker on the TomTom hands-free car kit (or any other A2DP
compatible device).

* TomTom Offline Map, Know that you have navigation where and when you need it. TomTom Offline Maps
are stored on your smartphone?so you don't need a data signal, or roaming, stay on the right path.
You can plan a new route, re-route when you miss your turn, or search for points of interest. Offline.

More Info:

Release includes the following:
* All .IPA files will install a current mobile version of TomTom GPS application (v1.15.1)
* TomTom Canada Alaska v1.15.1.ipa : Canada and Alaska(US) Maps
* TomTom U.S.A. v1.15.1.ipa : United States Maps (48 States)
* TomTom U.S Mexico v1.15.1.ipa : Mexico and Neighboring States(US) Maps

Installation Instructions:

1) Remove previous TomTom software from iDevice
2) Install apk using Installous or AppSync/iTunes
3) Enjoy


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