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Delcam FeatureCam R2 SP3 (2012) (x86/x64)

Delcam FeatureCam R2 SP3 (2012) (x86/x64)
Delcam FeatureCam R2 SP3 (2012) (x86/x64) | 595 Mb + 665 Mb

FeatureCAM, developed by Delcam, is a suite of CAD/CAM software which combines cutting edge technology with ease of use, automates machining and minimizes programming times for parts on mills, lathes and wire EDM.

Delcam's History

In 1965 Donald Welbourn, Director in Industrial Co-operation at Cambridge University, had the vision to see the possibility of using computers to assist pattern makers to solve the problems of modeling difficult 3D shapes.

Today we take for granted 3D modeling, in 1965 only crude 2D drawing systems were available using terminals linked to large main frame computers.

Initial work was sponsored by the Science Research Council but finding money to support the development was a constant problem for Donald Welbourn. In 1973 Donald persuaded his friend Lord Caldecote, then chairman of the Delta Metal Group and an ex-Cambridge engineer, to send Delta graduate engineer Ed Lambourne to work on the development of DUCT at Cambridge University Engineering Department, ultimately leading to transferal of the system into industry. In 1974 Donald also obtained sponsorship from Control Data in Europe in the form of access to their powerful time-sharing computing resources. Control Data offered DUCT initially on its time-sharing bureau service, especially to two of its largest German customers Volkswagen and Daimler Benz.....

About FeatureCAM

FeatureCAM is an easy-to-use CAM system that is so intuitive that even a novice or occassional user can quickly create reliable and consistent toolpaths. The user-friendly automation inside the software ensures training costs are minimized, increasing the return on your investment quickly. You can create toolpaths directly from solids using FeatureRECOGNITION. All your machines can be programmed within a single user interface specifically designed to achieve shorter programming times by Featurebased operations.

What's fixed in Delcam FeatureCam 2012 R2 SP3
Developed Items from version: to version

API: FC process does not exit after using Application_UserAttributeChanged event in a macro.
API: help: "send comments" gives fake company.
Help: Desire a new documentation tool for generating our API help. Looking into "Document! X" tool as an option.
Turn/Mill: 3-axis milling: Can not select to/from point/line for 5 axis simultaneous turn/mill part
3-axis milling: program crash with access violation during toolpath computation.
Webupdate: FC won't run after update because language DLL can't be updated.
GPF: Editing turn groove feature crashes FeatureCAM.
Turn: files that use solid as stock can be slow due to recalculating automatic turn stock curves from spun outline.
API: FMConfiguration.CopyConfiguration method is supposed to accept config name or config object (arg type is a Variant). But after switching to WinWrap (v17.0), it only accepts name.
API: FMTurnGroove: Groove from dimensions: Need ability to extract info whether it's a Chamfer or Radius "groove".
Multiple Fixture: Stock model referenced toolpath in Multiple Fixture generates wrong toolpath.
Translation: In the Russian version the tool and feed/speed overrides in the new feature wizard don't work. The feature is always created with default values. After the feature is created, the overrides work.
Turn: unable to create a turning toolpath shows the error.
MTT: need a drop-down that gives visible access to all items in the right-click sync menu
MTT: Problem setting sync point on 3-turret part: we need to remove ability to just pick one oper
Turn: Cut Grip toolpath gives TPD9999: Unknown (9999) error in file
API: A-031379 IFMFeatures should not create features on FMGroup or FMSetup.
print: Can no longer print or print preview a "3d sim"
5-axis positioning: 5-axis simultaneous: Printing: 5 axis part with multiple setups, Print Preview (and Print) output tool detail sheet, operation sheet and NC code multiple times.
MTT: Upper turret tool is not retracting and lower turret tool collides with it on facing operation.

Name: Delcam FeatureCam
Version: 2012 R2 SP3 Build
Interface: multilanguage
OS: Windows XP / Vista / Seven

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