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Project Zero 2 PAL WII-SUSHi
 Project Zero 2 PAL WII-SUSHi

Project Zero 2 PAL WII-SUSHi
English | Platform: Wii | Release: June 28, 2012 | Publisher: Nintendo | Developer: Koei Tecmo Games | 4.34 GB
Genre: Adventure / Horror

"Project Zero 2: Wii Edition" is the adventure game genre horror, developed by Tecmo and published by Nintendo for the Nintendo Wii. This is a remake of "Fatal Frame II: Crimson Butterfly" on PlayStation 2, released in 2003. Under the plan this remake will be released in Japan on 06.28.2012 and 06.29.2012 next day is the English version released for the European market.

Horror genre games though, but you will not encounter the bloody and violent, the game focuses on the spiritual fear of man. In this game there are no such bloodthirsty zombie in Resident Evil or Silent Hill monster, but as ghosts or spirits melancholy. This is strengths that Tecmo has fully exploited, making the success of this horror series.

The main storyline of the game followed the twin sister Mayu and Mio, in a return to his old familiar place, the sisters lost in a village that seemed to have disappeared for so long to appear before them . In no case where a terrible secret. At the meeting took place of the full moon ritual was barbaric: International twins were living, the smaller the larger strangled to death and dead bodies were thrown into a bottomless hole in the the village. Villagers said that ritual is time connecting door between earth and hell, heaven and earth to sacrifice for, pray for earthquake occurrences in the village. Twins, a representative for the wind, a representative for the land, if not twins, ritual would make no sense ... Ultimately, the fate of two sisters will be like? they have escaped from the village or not, or is the same fate as many other twins. This answer will give you this answer, because the game has several different ending depending on how you play.

Gameplay of the game is the game's focus and use the old camera, it is not often that the camera is a device used to you against the ghosts. In this remake, your camera can also upgrade to add new ones. The game has more update for your map like Fatal Frame IV, and have added many new areas, as well as changes in background music and cut scenes were renewed, and the game can add a whole new game Haunted House mode supports 2 players.

It is the remake from the past, but the game more valuable improvements in graphics, sound and gameplay. In short, this is a game worth the horror fans of the Games to pay attention.


 Project Zero 2 PAL WII-SUSHi
 Project Zero 2 PAL WII-SUSHi

 Project Zero 2 PAL WII-SUSHi

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